About Us

World Wheel Co. Hong Kong Ltd. builds Giant Observation Wheels and other family entertainment and retail experiences. We pride ourselves on creating and developing new and unique concepts across the globe, bringing brand new consumer experiences and engagement to the general public.

We love it when our projects lead to area regeneration within our partner cities and towns and so we often find ourselves working with local councils and government entities to bring our projects to life.

Our projects deliver numerous benefits to the local area including area regeneration, millions in local building contracts, full and part-time employment opportunities, educational programmes and scholarships.

At WWC we always strive to deliver commercial plans that benefit the entire community for the longest reasonable length of time, delivering income to local government or private commercial partners.

Given our track record of successful projects, bespoke and beneficial built-in partner revenue models and our unique iconic concepts, the company is looking forward to its future developments. WWC and all its local representative companies are vertically integrated delivering robust management accountability in every respect.